Oats masala vada


1 cup Oats ( quakers oats)
1/2 cup Channa dhal
1/2 cup Onion, chopped
1 Green chilli, chopped
1 tsp Ginger, finely chopped
1 tsp fennel seeds

Salt- to taste

Oil- to fry



First Soak the channa dhal in water about two hours and grind them as coarse paste without water, if its too hard to grind,just sprinkle some water.
Before removing the channadal paste, add the dry roasted rolled oats,fennel seeds and grind it.
Coarsely grind this and add this in a bowl.Now add the chopped onions, chopped green chillies, grated ginger pieces and salt.
Mix well with hand if you fell the mixture is dry sprinkle some water.
Take a pan pour oil and heat it
Now take a small ball from the channa dal-oats mixture, flatten them in your palms and gently put them in hot oil.
Deep fry this in medium flame till it become golden & crispy.
Serve hot with spicy coconut chutney or sauce

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