Is #Ajinomoto safe to eat ?? #FBAIinChennai

I got a invite through my friend to attend the seminar about Ajinomoto… At first i had a hesitation to go as  recently heard lot of bad about  ajinomoto but later convinced myself to attend the meet as i really wanted to know wats the problem with Ajinomoto?? Lot of questions were drooling my mind like is it safe to eat??? Is it healthy?? So atlast made my mind to attend  At grt hotels  for the Seminar of Truths and Facts about !

I reached the venue met all my bloggers friends  everybody were so much excited to clear all their doubts about Ajinomotto.. We got introduced to Mr. Atsushi Mishuku , the  Director & General Manager , Mr. Govinda Biswas, the Marketing Manager , Mrs Dharini Krishnan, R.D.President of Indian Diabetic Association , Mrs. Devisri Sundaram ,Assistant Professor and Dr. Chef Vinoth Kumar, the CEO of Sai Institutions & world record holder …. .


As  the seminar started they showed many videos and explained totally wats ajinomotto and how it is prepared … The word Ajinomotto meaning in japanese is the Essence of taste. Ajinomoto actually is a brand name while the compound is known as MSG. Ajinomoto is purely made of natural seasoning! GREEN DOT- No chemicals added. This picture clearly explained the manufacturing process of  MSG  in India. We actually misinformed about Ajinomotto actually it is made of sugarcane & Tapioca says Mr.Govind Biswas Marketing Head Ajinomoto India…


What is MSG? Technically, Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is the sodium salt of glutamic acid.  and a form of glutamate. Amino acids are naturally occurring in our bodies and once linked up, they form proteins.  Glutamate is a naturally occurring amino acid that is found in nearly all foods, especially high protein foods such as dairy products, meat and fish and in many vegetables. Foods often used for their flavouring properties, such as mushrooms and tomatoes, have high levels of naturally occurring glutamate and here is the  Benefit of MSG


MSG is safe for people of all ages, including children. There is no scientific evidence to suggest otherwise. MSG is approved by the following organizations:

C8E9-F3V4AAiXRh.jpg large

Doctor Dharini says free Glutamate is even found in breast milk .Glutamic acid metabolized during digestive absorption.. She also said that its not true that MSG has any kind of toxic or causative role in food allergies and MSG  has 1/3 of sodium in comparison to normal salt also Umami is a marker of protein nutrition


Chef Vinod kumar said Many dried  foodstuffs like tomatoes, mushroom, etc., are high in umami also he said how sprinkling exact amount of Ajinomoto entirely change the taste more delicious.. Paneer 65 was made by him to explore the umami taste.. and it really changed the taste of paneer 65 awesome!!!!!..

Seminar about #Ajinomoto #FBAIinChennai

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What i learnt from the seminar is MSG helps you get a meaty flavour (umami) by being totally vegetarian! Although a little amount of Ajinomoto imparts savor as fifth of the basic tastes, doctors say that its overuse may lead to health problems in the long run.   Ajinomoto is an umami seasoning.I really never knew that Ajinomoto is pure vegetarian and made with simple natural processes  So I am damm sure that Ajinomoto is safe to eat . Not regularly but generally can be used !!!!!! Eat Healthy Live Healthy !!!!

Check this video which will sure clear your doubts about Aginomoto


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