A day without coffee i cant even imagine it….I am a big coffee lover just so much excited to taste the aroma of Classic Pride blend today as my mornings starts with perfectly brewed and blended Classic Coffees … I got two samples from the Classic Coffee  Made with the finest Arabica and Robusta beans from the award winning estates and both are great. If you love this brew as much, then you’ve got to try Classic Coffee.  These gourmet coffees grown in premier estates in Chikmagalur and Sakleshwar which was really awesome .



My preferred method of brewing a coffee is traditional  filter…. I prefer to have coffee without milk and to my surprise it when i made my coffee it smells good and no bitterness taste rich even without adding milk ..Me and my hubby had in the morning and really we felt very active the whole day ..


The Classic Mountain -100% Arabica offering with  Craft Coffee I found to be milder on taste but stronger on fragrance.


The Classic Pride -100% Arabica with notes of Chocolate & nuts -Robusta blend, which balances the fine nuances…..I enjoyed the flavor of  chocolate and nuts in my coffee, it was definitely what I needed for a rough day.. It was rich i totally enjoyed it. I totally loved  the Classic Pride just that little bit more..

Im damm sure will order more and enjoy brewing the coffee from home !!!

If you love filter coffee sure dont miss to give a try for sure!!!!!

Log on to http://classiccoffees.in and learn about the suitable method to brew it right.




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