What is #BestForBaby ???? A mom bloggers meet!!!

It’s always  fun when all mom bloggers meet together .Its really a awesome fun the whole day with fellow mommies thanks a ton  Johnson Baby India and Baby Chakra for organizing such amazing event about best parenting community .. I was totally not aware when i entered the place wats going to happen and wats the event is about..The hall was decorated colourfully … Baby Chakra insisted upon was that we should speak our mind and say whatever we feel as this platform is first and foremost for the benefit of mothers. There was a play area for kids as well so they don’t get bored …


I drank some much needed tea and parked myself at a table with my friends.Me and my daughter took some amazing pictures with photo booth and boards about mom over there….


The event began with some questions, sharing experiences, fun games and little lab experiments using Johnson’s products from Dipali.  She guided us through some fun games which not only helped us moms bond in our teams and at our tables but also helped us understand through play why Johnson’s Baby really is #BestforBaby.

We had beautiful team of strong, funny, crazy, powerful mommies and our team was named Naughty Moms….


We really had amazing fun and learning from games…Games like using a syringe to draw out water from a Johnson’s Baby wet wipe and a competitor brand showed us that Johnson’s Baby does indeed have more moisture and so is #BestforBaby.


We also really enjoyed the laundry game where we first got to really mess up a piece of cloth with stubborn stainers like paint, ketchup and soy sauce and then wash it at our tables with Johnson’s Baby laundry detergent. My eyes almost popped to see the cloth emerge spotless after the brief wash. This is a newly launched product by Johnson’s Baby and should be in your local stores right about now. More than #BestforBaby I am sure this product is going to be seen as best for mommy. That’s how amazing it is


Dipali started questions session in which she cleared all moms query.. Hats off to her ..I came to know many things in this session like Mineral oil prevents water loss from baby skin. We cannot measure about the PH value on a bar of soap it depends on Aqua solution. Baby skin PH value changes from baby born PH ..It varies in different parts of the body …Johnson baby soap help to stop skin irritation, and cleared  4 irritation test and it had vitamin A and super good for baby’s normal skin …Baby’s start responding faster because of fragrance and baby friendly ..

Johnson Baby India recently launched a soap called TOE-TOE soap for sensitive baby skin..Its milder than any other soap helps to keep baby’s skin soft


I also won for being active in all social platforms tweeting and posting updates ..Also got a bunch of goodies and vouchers. I was quite keen to try the newly launched Johnson’s Baby detergent after seeing it at work during one of the games at the event. So was very happy that they gave us a pack to take home and try .. We were also given a goodie bag with a Johnson and Johnson gift set containing Johnson and Johnson Baby cream, Massage oil, Hair oil, Moisturizing lotion, Baby powder, Top to toe body wash, comb, and rompers And of course, vouchers for more shopping on Baby Chakra

We remember our mothers using ‘Johnson’s Baby’ products for us, we never had to worry about it irritating in any way. The baby oils are the best way to massage the baby, make the bones stronger and for a good-night sleep.
I personally recommend all my friends and family for using the global leader in baby products and always doing what’s #BestforBaby.

If you have any doubt regarding Johnson baby india products you can mail to care@its.jnj.com and also u can call the toll free no 18002228111 /18002228110

The purpose of the event was just to reinforce the spirit with which Johnson’s products are made.One such promise is made by Johnson’s Baby- promise of being the #BestForBaby.

I had such an amazing time playing, asking, answering, meeting and greeting all beautiful people. I was so delighted to meet my fellow bloggers whom I knew as contacts but this event gave me an opportunity to meet them in person

This blog post is articulated for the BabyChakra event sponsored by Johnson’s baby #BESTFORBABY.


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