Oats sweet pongal (sakkarai pongal)

Oats Sakkarai (sweet) Pongal is a healthy version of a classic South Indian dessert. Oats sweet pongal is quicker and easier than regular sweet rice pongal.. This can also be hold as a snack and its pretty heavy to hold for a couple of hours ..Jaggery paired well with oasts and the pongal urned out finger licking good… For all my readers who love oats this sweet pongal is a must try..  I thoroughly enjoyed this delicious pongal ..Not only me my whole family loved it a lot .. Apart from serving as an healthy dessert, this oats sakkarai pongal can double up as a breakfast recipe as well, which is just perfect for people looking to start the day right..


1 cup oats (i used quacker oats)

1/3 cup Yellow Moong Dal

1/3 cup rice

1/2 tsp Cardamom powder

3/4 cup jaggery

1 tsp ghee

5 cashewnut & raisins

2 cups water

a pinch of salt


Dry roast the oats and keep aside.

Wash the moong dal & rice  and pressure cook it with a cup of water upto 3whistles and put off the stove.

Meanwhile take the jaggery in a cup of water, bring it to boil. Strain it and keep aside

Once the steam get released, add the jaggery syrup and dry roasted oats to the dal,…mash it and cook for few minutes until the oats gets cooked.

Finally garnish it with  roasted cashew nuts & raisins and turn off.

Serve hot with topping of fresh ghee if you like..




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