Murukku sandwich

Murukku sandwich is one of my kids favourite snacks they love to have once they return hungry from school.. Its quite simple to make it at home… Murukku Sandwich is a new sandwich variety getting famous all over Chennai especially in Sowcarpet… Murukku sandwich is same as bread sandwich where murukku is replaced for bread slices.Veggies are cut into small pieces and enclosed between murukkus with some green chutney.




20  small store bought murukkus

1/2 tomato(sliced)

1/2 onion(sliced)

1/4 cucumber(sliced)

2 cheese cubes (shredded)

2 tbsp green chutney

Sevpuri for garnishing


Take the murukku and spread the sandwich chutney on one side of murukkus.

Place an onion and cucumber over the green chutney.

Followed by tomato and then finally close it with another murukku

Top the murukku sandwich with some shredded cheese as well garnish with sevpuri

Serve the spicy,crunchy Murukku sandwich for evening snack.


While eating, carefully pull a tower without disturbing the other and load in ur mouth without breaking the setup.
This is a different party snack to surprise ur guests. You can even arrange setup in advance, it won’t become soggy very easily.


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