Dialogue in the dark-A place that teach the value of eyes.

Have you ever experienced the darkness.. Yes,  it’s a Blindfolded experience 😋 which really made us feel the importance of the things we are blessed with….. Hanging out with friends become casual now but sure try this place to hang out as I’m damn sure it will be a completely different experience. Discover the senses. Walk through the dark under the guidance of a blind……



I was invited by Chennai Bloggers Club struck in traffic got a bit late so missed the first batch. Mr Ananth Narayanan, manager of the hotel greeted us and asked to wait for the second batch… I and my fellow bloggers were waiting eagerly and excited to experience the language of Dark….. I totally didn’t have any idea of this new restaurant was so much excited and plenty of questions raised in my mind…


Mr Ananth said I can’t answer you anything now but you will surely, enjoy and it will be a great experience for sure. We asked to keep our belongings, mobile, watch all in a locker as there is a pin drop darkness inside… I’m pure vegetarian so got a flower shaped token and my friends got diamond shape token as they are non-vegetarian… We were given a stick and the much awaited time has come to enter the dialogue in the dark…..


We were four girls as we entered we got introduced to Janaki who guided us from the beginning till we came out… We entered everything is totally dark we touched the walks using the sticks move forward. First, we experienced birds chirping sound, waterfalls sound and we crossed the waterfall through shaky broken bridge. It was really a thrilling experience… We played many games like feeling the alphabet finding a word, played cricket one by one Janaki found the ball correctly she was guiding us perfectly I asked her can she see us. She said you will come to know and the main attraction was jewellery exhibition touching, feeling and find wat type of jewellery and details about it .  And when I attended the jewellery exhibition in the dark, not only did I learn to feel, I also learned to differentiate and most importantly I learned to appreciate. It took near about one hour to complete our darkness tour…Then, atlast we had amazing food served by Velu… A tiffin box served to veg people… It was delicious. When they came ys to drop out we realise that they were blind.. Tears filled my eyes but It was really a great experience and I ask everyone should visit at least once here to know the value of darkness.. It’s really an Amazing experience…. truly beautiful……



I see so many things but when I close my eyes I can’t feel most of them. I don’t stop by and appreciate the beauty, the simplicity and the intricate details of the beauty of everyday things. Since we weren’t allowed to take any pictures, I have to write a thousand words and well, I do have a thousand words of how I felt….. .


I’m damn sure it will be a really tough challenge for them. At the time of inception, most of their visitors understood Dialogue in the Dark as a charitable organisation, some understood it as a darkness entertainment centre, some understood it as blindness simulation, etc. This has been by and far the most challenging aspect of their business.

Excited? Go and visit Dialogue in the dark……

Lunch costs Rs 350+ taxes. The restaurant is located in top floor of Express Avenue Mall



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