This eating season – Let’s go local -RAJ SNACKS!!

Hi friends What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you think about food in Chennai??? Im a big foodie and I always carve for  khakra sandwich and paani puri homade as well in Raj snacks … Raj bhaiya always make us yummy sandwiches, puffs corn cannopes , paani puri etc… Whenever i gt time i hang out to raj snacks and enjoy food unlimited with my friends as well family …

I wonder always these small vendors earn how much and how popular they are ??? They do lot of hard work but earn less as they give us food at cheaper rat.. So i thought to write about these vendors  mainly my favorite Raj snacks  and make them famous in online…. I always order Kakra sandwich which is my favoriteand my kids love paani puri …

khakra sandwich




Raj snacks where the speciality is the khakra sandwich is an assemblage of sharp green chutney, grated cheese, tomato slices and slivers of cucumber stacked between two khakras  It is an explosion of textures and tastes and a must-try for first-timers. If a sev sandwich is bewildering, this will boggle you twice over. Everyone must try out this khakra sandwich forsure

Making of khakra sandwich


Paani puri




I loves the flavour of his pani puri and do not mind standing in a queue for it. My kids love it the amazing mixture of the tiny puri, aaloo mix with salt, spice and everything nice taste delicious and yummy

Is your mouth watering after reading this list? What are you waiting for? Go out and grab yourselves some spicy, tasty and delicious pani puris right away!

Raj snacks is at Mint street which is also synonymous with the lip smacking chats

From a distance itself you can smell the strong aroma which leads you to this restaurant.

Its very  tasty and for a while you have to forget about the calories and savour their chats .

Excellent taste and fast service as well. But was surprised such modernised hotel was

providing bills hand written!!!!




Raj snacks is at


Address : no22/7, mangappan street, sowcarpet., Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600079
Thanks a lot for nouns for giving me this chance to write about my near bye vendor making him famous online he was so happy when i took photos and videos of him
Nouns food social app is to create and discover lip smacking lists of the best of our city has to offer ….its motto is to feed our curiosity with a  constant flow of r4altime food talk  Its really a great initiative associated with blogmint..dont miss to download  app and have food fun!!!




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