Rice Kheer (Rice Pudding)

Everyone get smile on face when you hear “kheer” … am I right ?????

Kheer is an integral part of every Indian home . Be it any festival or an important life event or even as sacred as offering prasad in the temple and during fasting/ upvaas , kheer is one Indian dessert that fits into any special occasion menu

A spoonful of this kheer immediately transports you back to your childhood, when your mother used to make this dessert to celebrate everyday joys. Simple, delicious and packed with wonderful memories, make this today to remember those good times.
Kheer food is considered very auspicious and very tasty,
the kids like to eat and eat all the kheer. Come, let us begin cooking rice pudding.

1/2  cup  Basmati rice

1kg Milk  (full cream)

1 tsp  Ghee (optional)

1/2 cup Sugar

4-5 Cardomom (powdered)

4-5 Badam & cashew nuts (sliced thin pieces)

1 pinch organic orange color (optional)


1) We can make kheer in two ways
We can cook rice by roasting it in ghee or soaking it in water.
The Kheer taste delicious from both ways

2) Put the milk in boiling and keep boiling.

3) In the first way you wash the rice.
Heat the ghee in the pan and fry for 5-7 minutes on low flame.

4) In the second way, instead of roasting,
wash the rice and soak it in water for half an hour

5) After the milk is boiled, add rice or roasted rice,
stir the milk with a spoon and keep the gas slowly after the kheer is boiled,
the milk made on a slow gas is very tasty,
Keep running in 3 minutes (Kheer starts burning very quickly in the bottom).

6) When the rice becomes soft,add color or kesar and nuts..

7) Kheer takes about 1 hour to build. Now you will see rice
has become thicker.
Put sugar in kheer and cook for 2-3 minutes.
Kheer is made,
turn off the gas and mix cardamom.

8) Take out the kheer in the cup. Hot Hot Serve and Eat
Keep the kheer in the fridge
and eat cold also cold Kheer also looks delicious..



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