How Parents can Redefine Infant’s Health with Micronutrients

The body and mind are one of the few constants in everyone’s life, and thus – treating them right is the only way to keep it fully functional, at all times. When we talk about a fully functioning body, healthy food is the first thing that comes to our mind. As they say – food is to the body as fuel to an engine, and we surely cannot argue with that. The food needs vary at different stages of life, depending on the changing physical and mental requirements. If these needs are left unattended, they can cause several serious health hazards. Micronutrient deficiency is one such health issue, that arises from lack of awareness in proper food habits, especially in infants.
During the growing months of an infant, there are some developmental stages which act as key milestones for proper physical growth and mental development. These milestones are greatly dictated by dietary needs of the baby. If these dietary requirements are not met properly, it can have adverse effects on these growth milestones. A delay in speech development, impaired cognition, poor eyesight, or weakened hand and body coordination, can all be results of below normal micronutrient intakes.
The fact that micronutrients are essential in a baby’s diet is rather less known, which makes parents of the newborn babies make mistakes, that can be avoided with proper knowledge. While kids are often fed with enough macronutrients, the need for micronutrients – which constitute vitamins and minerals, mostly remain unmet.
A different approach is needed towards food choices, to deal with this problem. It is advised to parents, that they don’t stick to just the foods that are prepared for other adult members of the family, and rather prepare a different food base for infants, which are rich in micronutrients. The need for micronutrients is maximum during the first 1000 days after birth, when physical growth and mental development are at their peak. These micronutrients support this initial phase of life, by providing the body with appropriate nutrition it needs for proper functioning.
A healthy diet is a key to healthy body and mind. Your baby will thank you later for the efforts you put nurturing him/her now. Therefore, be wise and make healthier food choices for your newborn.
Happy parenting to you.

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