Johnson’s Baby product launch – Cafe meet❤️

Hi everyone sorry for not being active from long and made you all wait…. Now will start showering my post again and you will love to read and enjoy my post like before..

Recently got a invite to attend the launch of the new range of Johnson’s baby products at writer’s Cafe, Gopalapuram, Chennai.. It was really a fun filled bloggers meet with all mommies.. Know a few mommies already and met new friends..

We have all heard about Johnson’s product.. Our mother used them for us and we used for our kids.. Johnson’s is the oldest and most trusted brand for baby care.. The brand is more than 120 years old.. Their products are pure, gentle and mild, and hence, the perfect choice for something as soft and supple as the baby’s skin.

The event started with introduction as well Momspresso and our host Prerna Wahi explained and cleared all our doubts about Johnson’s products..

Now coming to the product launch..The products were launched by baby Tas.. The star of the event ❤️😍…

Today, Johnson’s Baby the brand has changed inside-out to become even better and safer than before.. The new range of Johnson’s baby products has improved from various ways…

🌟 It becomes Gentler from inside...

🌟No harmful chemicals like

Parabens, Phthalates, Sulphates.

🌟 No synthetic colors.

🌟 Clinically proven

🌟 Attractive colorful packing with

safety lock…

🌟 Fragrance is milder and smells stays


Definitely these amazing changes will keep babies skin more soft and moisturized. We got home johnson’s baby cream and lotion..

Johnson’s baby lotion:

Its Very soothing lotion and has a very pleasant smell….. Soothing for baby’s bedtime… much better than any other baby lotion.

Johnson’s baby shampoo:

I totally like the ingredients list of Johnson’s baby shampoo product. much safer for my babies than the other.. Johnson’s baby shampoo is really Great for everyone in your family from 1 day old to 100 years old….

#CHOOSEgentle the newly launched and better than before. .tested the products .. smooth application.. Loving it to the core…

I must say it’s time to

Choose Gentle ❤️

Choose Johnson ❤️

Johnson’s go beyond cleansing and moisturizing my girls’ sweet skin, but take these everyday moments of care, and turn them into moments of strengthened connection and bonding.😍

Thanks for giving me this opportunity..



Johnson’s baby


Astrea Skincare – Valentine Exclusive

Nowadays I am visiting many exhibitions and events recently I met the young pretty girl who is engineer turned entrepreneur, Sharon who started this brand Astrea.. I totally got impressed by her concept of providing handmade beauty products without adding any chemicals but in a natural way which smells heavenly. I was so much excited to visit her stall as she was about to launch Valentine’s day special products and hampers…

Astrea skin care is a brand of Pure, fresh and handmade bath and body products made from the finest organic materials , natural botanicals and scientific research.. This valentines day Im going to enjoy with Astrea Valentine Products and hampers for sure..

Astrea’s new range of products, Love Potion 7- a valentine exclusive! An eclectic range of face masks for every skin type, heavenly smelling massage bars and lip gloss for the perfect date! They Launched these products on Feb 5th and 6th at Style Kingdom Chennai , Buva house, KNK road. There was a free trial counter where everyone try out these amazing goodies after skin consultation.

I totally impressed with these three products from Valentine products line..

Bold & Beautiful which is a skin tightening and toning face mask. Ingredients are Spirulina and wheat germ. I used it for first time it had tightened my skin well and I am sure on regular use it wil brighten the skin more.For one time itself I can feel the difference in my skin. It really Nourishes the skin. Its an amazing cleanser. Also tones the skin giving instant glow.No side effects as well. All you have to do is, apply evenly on your face ,allow it to dry for 15 minutes to 20 minutes and then wash it off with water. You can feel the change forsure.. check here

Aromatherapist Massage Bars. Coffee – Orange and Vanilla Rose. With Shea butter, Beeswax and Almond oil. The perfect gift for Valentine. When I saw this product I fallen in love with this. You got to just rub the bar gently and smoothly on the body which will give heavenly smell and it work as a moisturizer and will relax your body and mind. Im totally addicted towards it..


Senorita lip gloss comes in red… It is a super moisturiser for the lips. Ingredients are: castor oil, jojoba oil and beeswax. Totally natural. Gift yourself ‘Senorita’ this valentine and feel like a princess! It is super moisturising and smells heavenly . What a fragrance!! Just a very little amount of the product on your lip and you go crazily happy like me.

Yes friends Astrea’s all natural face care products are turning out to be favourites among many …. Im totally loving all the products one by one.. So don’t forget to follow their page and order their products try it once for sure.. I know if you all try once you all will become a big fan of Astrea products like me.. I challenge you!!

Do follow their facebook page here

and follow their Instagram id @astreaskincare

Because you are going to love them as I do.

I would recommend these natural Astrea skincare naturally pure products to all my viewers and visitors to try out definitely.. I Love your products whole heartedly…

Dainik Jagran – Seventy Five Years still going strong!!!

As many of us wake reading Dainik Jagran newspaper daily…. Its the first daily newspaper we get. It was year 1942 when Dainik Jagran came into existence under Jagran Prakashan Ltd (JPL). Growing along with the democracy in india. Dainik Jagran has made sure that the its “moolmantra” of let the work speak for their credibility , has worked in their favor , today it’s been 75 years of printing and circulation. Their vision has always been ‘creating a newspaper that would reflect the free voice of the people.

Dainik Jagran has shown that if you know your responsibility as a Media representative, the upliftment of the society shall be your foremost agenda.
The news shall depict both achievements and shortcomings of the way a country is functioning and Dainik Jagran has never shied away from being bold in printing the real scenario.

Having a great editorial team is a must for any media house to work and Jagran Praskashan always made sure that the best team plans and prints the genuine news with great precision.

Taking up the issue of population under its stride, Dainik Jagran became part of Legendry Slogan and a great drive by the government “Hum do Hamare do”. From letting people know what can be the repercussions of having too big a family to even educating them about contraceptive methods available in the market, Dainik Jagran made sure that the message circulates and reaches each and every citizen of India.

Defining and showcasing media and its true power, changing India with changing times.

Dainik Jagran has grown up with our democracy. We wish the national daily Hindi newspaper a very Happy Birthday. 75Years of DAINIK JAGRAN.

Facebook :

Twitter :

YouTube :

Food Zone At Eco Park Chennai

Hello friends,
hope everyone is aware of Chetpet Eco Park which is a tourist spot with a Nice green scenic park in a busy city of Chennai with nice boating facility….Lot of walkway for joggers and walkers. Its really a nice place to hangout with friends and family.. When I visit there we feel hungry and there was a not a proper food spot to have food.. But now stop worrying guys,
Food zone coming soon to Chetpet Eco Park Yes, you heard it right, the Food Zone is going to open….The long wait is over. It’s time to experience the delicious food in a truly amazing ambience. Launching On January 14th. I was so happy hearing this news and also so much excited to visit the place.

I got to visit today when I entered I saw colorful paintings on wall which kids will love for sure. Mr.Krishnan Subramanian who owns Uttar Bhojan welcomed me and introduced Mr. Bhagavan Menon who takes care Of the food zone behalf of CCFF..
He said that
Food Zone At Ecopark Chennai is run by Copper Chimney Fine Foods (CCFF) Pvt.Ltd. He also added that within three months The Aquarium, Virtual reality theatre and gym are also going to be launched ….. Food zone is a multi-cuisine Food Court with 120 seats which is going to be one of it’s kind in Chennai with carefully chosen menu ranging from South Indian, North Indian, Chinese to Malaysian delicacies (Veg and non-veg). There are yummy kozhukattais and Kulfis too.

Here are my favorite outlets in Food zone at Eco park…

1. Uttar Bhojan is one of my favorite food joint where I get Authentic North Indian Vegetarian Food which tastes like home food…It always serves mouth-watering, authentic, healthy, homemade North Indian cuisine and Chinese food. I love the soft yummy Aloo parathas , pani poori and bhel puri so much…

2. Kulfi King : It serves creamy delicious Kulfi in a huge variety of flavors on offer – some of them quite exotic. There are “stick Kulfis” like Ice Cream on a stick .. I tried sitaphal kulfi which is really delicious.. Don’t miss to visit and enjoy all flavors !! A kulfi is a not to be missed dessert after a sumttuous meal.

3. Steam : The wordings(slogans of quality of food) around the outlets gives pleasant and relaxed view. I totally loved the concept of this outlet as they serve traditional steam foods like Kozhukattai, Puttu and much more.. I loved eating this as I found it unique as well as healthy which tasted delicious.. Kids also will love this store as they serve popcorn and steamed corn..


4.pongal unavagam :
Pongal Unavagam is the traditional and ethnic food restaurant. You will enjoy fresh and delicious food with a South Indian cultural touch here. I tried Venpongal and idly here which is really delicious. Also we get health9iy millets pongal here. So, step in to Pongal Unavagam and step out feeling as if history has repeated itself!

The food zone also contains some Non-Vegetarian outlets like Sedap, Mansatti, Lucknowi and The Madhatters.. The juice king is at the corner to chill yourself and have fun.. Some more outlets like A2Milk, Celebrations Ice cream from Hyderabad would be coming soon on the second floor..On third floor ,Chef Soundarajan , An International Chef planning to open a full fledged vegetarian outlet..

I’m totally excited being a big foodie and loved the concept mainly the seperate kitchens for Veg and Non Veg which is really appreciable..

Its really a best place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner.. Good place for quick bites with Huge varieties at reasonable prices. Portions are good too. Nice service and ambience with excellent quality of food always win.. The entire venue is very colorful and a good place for hangout with family and friends..

Food zone at eco park is worth a visit!!

Tips for SAFE USAGE OF I.T. from SBI #SbiComputerSecurityDay @TheOfficialSBI

Being a proud customer of SBI, I totally trust my bank and all their products that have been
very useful for all customers. Since I wanted to know about the safe usage of the IT
products, I visited and enquired about the same in my branch. They very well explained all
about it to me after which I thought I should write a blog about it so that it may help many
of us.
I came to know about basic information like we shouldn’t share our bank details with
anyone, not even over any fraudulent calls. In this direction, I would like to share certain tips
on how to safely use IT relating to various channels:
While using Debit Cards:
You have to take care of your ATM pin and you should not share it with anyone.
You should change the PIN regularly and it should be difficult to guess, which will help you
to protect your account. It should not be written on the back of the card or anywhere that
could be easily traceable. Aiming for prevention is always best, but when that doesn’t work, catching the issue fast
makes solving the problem easier. If you notice any suspicious activity on your debit card, report it within two days.
When you are paying through your debit card while shopping, don’t give your card to
anyone to pay your bill. Go to the counter yourself and get the card swiped in front of you. You should cover the number pad while pressing the PIN at merchant stores. Make sure
nobody is peeking from behind.
Using a public wireless connectivity or shared internet connection is not a secure way to
carry out your online transactions with the debit card. There are chances of losing your
debit card credentials to frauds. Always use a secure internet or intranet connection to
perform your financial transactions. Likewise, it’s also advisable to use your personal
computer for online transactions. Since, the computers at cyber cafes usually don’t have
updated anti-virus software.
Every time you use your debit card for online payment, the information should reach you
immediately, so enable your SMS alert.
The web is a vast space. Whether you are making online payments or buying stuff from
online stores, make sure the payment is made through a secure payment gateway and the
website is a trusted one. You have to ensure the website is safe and encrypted.
Do not get enticed by free offers and swipe/part with your Card data.
Do not share “mother’s maiden name”, “your pet’s name” kind of vital information given by
you as answers for “Security Questions” for resetting of passwords. Use ON/OFF facility
provided for managing Debit Card’s international usage.
Protect yourself from ‘vishing’ calls:
The term “vishing” is a socially engineered technique for stealing information or money
from consumers using the telephone network. The term comes from combining “voice” with
“phishing,” which are online scams that get people to give up personal information. Crooks
purporting to be from the police or if in the name of banks you receive a call telling you that
there has been a fraudulent activity in your account, and ask you to call on a number, don’t
do it. If you call, an automated message asks for your bank details, pin, password. Indeed,
it’s everything fraudsters need to dip into your account. Some victims have transferred
money into bogus accounts set up by fraudsters. So be alert.
While using INTERNET BANKING Channel:
Keep your User ID and Password confidential. Change your password regularly and ensure
it’s a strong one. The password should be a strong one, a combination of random letters and
numbers as words, names and phrases are what cracking programs check for. One way
would be to remember a familiar sentence and use the first letter of each word to form the
password. Try using a sentence that can have a number in between.
Always be alert and be secure. Keep your operating system and browser up-to-date with the
latest security patches. Install these only from a trusted website. Apart from public
terminals, also avoid locations that offer online connections through wireless networks (Wi-
Fi), where privacy and security are minimal.
Don’t select the option on browser that stores or retains username and password. Every
time you complete your online banking session, log off properly. Do not just close your
Don’t use the embedded links in any e-mail to get to any web page. Type the link address
(URL) in your web browser. Avoid signing-in to your net-banking account via mailers. You should check your statements and transaction history regularly. Most banks have a ‘last
logged in’ or ‘login history’ tab on their websites. So, if you notice irregularities, change your
password and get in touch with your bank immediately.
When we use the Road say for driving, for walking, safe usage has become a routine for all
of us. In the same manner, while using Computers and Information Technology, SAFE USAGE
OF I.T. should become an integral part of life. In this way, we would be able to protect
ourselves and not be vulnerable to frauds.
I hope this blog will be helpful to you all. Always Be Alert!!! Be Safe!!!

Bindu Madhavi inaugurates Salon BLOW @ Velachery.. #SalonBLOWIndia

Hey friends, its time to get ready and pamper yourself with Salon Blow at Velachery. A Unit Of @vurvesalon. Each and everyone pamper themselves in their unique way. Pedicures are my go-to way to pamper myself. I like spa treatments too, but getting a pedicure is my favorite way to relax – besides, I can still keep busy by catching up on the latest with a magazine or checking mails while I get my treatment done! When I heard about this launch was so much excited to know more about this store as well wanted to meet my favorite BigbossTmail fame Bindu Madhavi.


It’s time to Pamper yourself and indulge in an array of beauty and wellness services with a visit to Salon Blow which is a sub-brand of the popular salon brand, Vurve Salon. Located in Velachery, this unisex salon offers a myriad of hair and skin care services designed to give you the best results. Salon BLOW India is a unit of Vurve Signature Salon and is co-owned by Rebecca Samuel, Sushil Thomas, Manoj Samuel, and Sathya Sushil with over seven years of experience in salon industry set-up and handle the successful operations of 5 salons across Chennai, India. The salon’s ambiance is warm and inviting with bright lights and amazing black and white decors The staff here is friendly and professionals, who give you customised services to make you feel and look your absolute best. So head here and pamper yourself silly! Recently, Actress Bindu Madhavi inaugurated the newest outlet of Salon Blow at Velachery on 21st December 2017.

Salon Blow is spread across 1800 sq.ft on one floor, and its location is apt for the tech-savvy urban crowd of Velachery. The salon is designed by a renowned Architect from Delhi who has deep knowledge and experience in building customer friendly and cozy salons to suit their mood and make them wish they stayed a little longer.

Actress Bindu Madhavi inaugurates Salon BLOW at Velachery Photos

There’s also a cute little pedicure corner setup with floral chairs..Sit back and relax on their floral printed seats and get a Pedi and Mani Don’t forget to end your manicure with gel nails.

Actress Bindu Madhavi inaugurates Salon BLOW at Velachery Photos

Salon Blow is definitely one of the trendy and upbeat salons in the city with talented and knowledgeable staff. The ambiance is trendy and cozy. The whole atmosphere is fun and lively. There are numerous services available at the salon and they periodically come up with great offers. Prices are in accordance with the services. It is the trendiest, most advanced hair and skin makeover studio that’s all set to give the city’s fashion quotient a whole new high.

Salon Blow gives comprehensive range of services include all hair services such as haircut, hair-colour, creative makeovers, keratin, bridal makeup services, and spa using the brands of L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Global Keratin, Skeyndor, Cuccio.

I highly recommend Salon Blow to people who want to pamper themselves with high quality treatments and products.. They use the best products to create your signature identity.

Goal – ‘Customer Service Excellence”.

Mission – “Get in, Get Gorgeous, and Get on with your life.”

Salon Blow is an expression of our culture and our belief in the power of the collective. With the help of its ambassadors in every salon, Salon Blow provides proof of this power through various activities on a regular basis. The brand is currently serving in OMR – Perungudi and Velachery locate.

Do checkout Salon Blow Facebook Page

Get any services at Velachery branch & get 50% off. Valid till Dec 31st. LETS DO THIS!! Call now for appointments:
Velachery: +914448680220, +9144 48680330

Address: No 81, 1st Floor, Bypass Road, Rajalaksmi Nagar, Velachery, Chennai 600042

Services: Hair. Beauty. Skin. Nails & more..

Let Salon Blow be the destination that brings out the inner you leaving you with Fabulous Feelings !!!

Does Kurkure really have plastic?

Snacking is an important part of very Indian household. No conversation is complete without a cup of tea and bowl of namkeen. Kurkure has always been a big hit, both amongst the elders and the kids in my house and I always end up picking multiple bags of it, when I go out for my grocery shopping.

Recently, I began to see a lot of hoax videos on social media burning Kurkure and saying that it contains plastic. As a mother, I was obviously concerned! I am the gatekeeper of the family and I think multiple times before feeding anything to them. Then how could I ignore this?

Questions begun to pop into my head:

– Is Kurkure Safe or not?

– What does it contain? What all ingredients it has?

– How is it made?

After all, I can’t just give anything to my family to eat. No mom would do that, right?

That’s the biggest reason I wanted to know if Kurkure contains plastic….

I did my research and I strongly think Kurkure is safe to eat, it does not have any impact on health. There are only rumors that Kurkure is made by the plastic. And there is a reason to why I say that, which is mentioned below.

We all remember the recent controversy and comeback which brought tears to many eyes as people welcomed their favorite 2-minute noodles. Kurkure is one of the very few snacks that my grandmother, my mother and my younger sister enjoy together. That’s three generations of Kurkure fans! And yet, a single video on popular social networks claiming it burnt like it contained plastic, was all it took to ruin the reputation of a much-loved family brand.

But as I said earlier, I wanted to deep dive into this controversy to find out the truth for myself. And I did not just one, but multiple check to find out if Kurkure has plastic?

For starters, just take a piece of Kurkure and keep it on your tongue for 1 min. I’m sure it will melt away. Now, I am not an expert in effect of saliva but I have checked thoroughly that saliva cannot melt plastic!

Then I raised an RTI to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to check the truth about plastic in Kurkure. They were very prompt in a reply to my RTI so I am sure they are competent enough to address such an issue.

Practically, if you burn anything which has carbohydrates and starch, I am damn sure it will burn. Does that mean all that has plastic?

My research definitely led me to believe that Kurkure Does Not Contains Plastic. All I can say is that it could just have been a RUMOUR by some competitor.

Kurkure is 100% safe …Kurkure is 100% Veg…

Kurkure is a desi innovation made in India. It is made of edible ingredients including rice meal, corn meal, gram meal, high quality edible vegetable oil, seasoning, salt, spices and condiments and flavours which are thoroughly checked for all quality parameters. All these ingredients that I have mentioned here are also used by us in our day-to-day household cooking purposes as they are edible items used in every household kitchen. It’s my favourite Namkeen. You can have Kurkure either directly or you can add additional ingredients including onions, tomato, pinch of lemon juice, etc. to make it tastier.

So next time, you visit a grocery shop and see that packet of Kurkure, don’t worry at all. Grab hold of it. Be smarter, do your own research and most importantly don’t believe in all rumors.


Happy Munching!!!

V Lounge Restuarant- A Must Visit Place in Chennai


Are you searching a place to hang out with friends and family??

Bored of going to same place and same food??

Do you wanna a change ??

Then you must try V LOUNGE Restaurant for sure ….

I don’t usually get impressed, but when I do,I can’t stop thinking about it.
Similar something happened to me here.

V Lounge blends Arabian and Asian influences to create a casual dining experience with a higher level of creativity. Its located in a prime location. It is easily accessible from all parts of the city due to its proximity to Egmore/Nungambakkam/Anna Salai.


At this point in the food industry, food is not the only focus factor. The service and the ambience plays a major role in deciding the future for a restaurant. Recently I visited V Lounge restaurant were they serve a variety of dishes, but their cocktails are the stars I’d say!

Its really a great place to just chill and relax with friends, the ambience was great. It was a very fun evening.. Their staffs were very friendly. I love the space here. Very nice seatings and the décor is fantastic and mighty comfy! However, it’s clearly a fire hazard since you have to squeeze around with the amount of space and hookahs around. Each and every food item I tasted was really delicious ans mouth watering… The portions are quite generous and the prices are really affordable and enough fair.

The main lounge has several Tvs, and a hookah bar which hookah man makes your hookah in front of you. He also recommends which flavoUr is their best sellers. Most places do not offer these type of suggestions, so I believe it was easier for me to get a new flavour …

Coming to the food V-Lounge started with Triple cheese grill, Mexican grill sandwich & veg Kesariya. served the variety of Italian, Chinese, Mexican and Arabian in pure vegeterian.. Yes you heard it right !!!

Grilled Triple Cheese grill – A triple layer of cheese is toasted with bread which gives a soft delicious taste.

Mexican grill sandwich : It tastes like garlic bread stuffed with paneer gave a delicious taste.

Veg Kesariya: It looks similar like Mexican grill sandwich but stuffed with paneer and broccoli delicious with hot and sweet sauces.

The main course served its Mongolian Rice and Basil Rice… Mongolian rice was really tasty a amazing combination of with rice, vegetables and noodles.. Each and everyone must try it out here!! Basil rice is tasted like fried rice giving a mild flavour of basil leaves loved it really!!

Dragon Baby Corn, Chilli Mushroom and Chilli Paneer were really masaledaar.. loved it to the core..

Spagehtti, White Pasta and Green (herbal) Pasta were the high lights for todays generation and its real lip smacking one ..


Chilli cheese grill :Its really a more dynamic and flavourful giving a strong chilli and cheese taste!!

These signature hookahs are one for the smoker who loves a super sweet, almost candy-like taste when they smoke. Its from natural fruits like apple and watermelon ..loved the smell and flavours very much!!


The cocktails and the mock-tails impressed me a lot . They serve all varieties of mocktails the way customer need …….. U must try all these Mojitos and mocktails for sure … Current cooler, Strawberry mojito ,Kiwi mojito, Very Berry and Pink lemonade been served to us.


Desserts were fantastic mainly i loved the fried ice cream….It was hard batter topping outside and the oozing of ice cream which is stuffed inside giving you rich , delicious , unique taste … Its heavenly, don’t miss that!!


Old no. 12/ new no6(1st floor) ,

College Road,


Chennai 600034


Phone no: +91 7010269820

Google map Get directions


It has become one of my favorite spot to go to for some great hookah and music…….

And if you like them and would like to follow their facebook page for updates, you can
add @vloungechennai faceboook page
and website is here Vlounge chennai

Cost: Rs 500 per person

Cleanliness: Good
Quality: Good
Service: Good
Ambience: Good
Bottomline: A cozy little retreat for the soul right in the heart of Chennai…

F.UN.T.I.M.E Virtual Reality Experience Zone

Getting bored of playing the same fun video games? Thinking about treating your family to a little virtual reality this holiday? Have no idea where to start? Don’t worry !!!! There is a good news for all Chennaities As FUNTIME VR Zone has recently launched a VR (Virtual Reality ) Experience zone in Forum Mall, Chennai .. #FuntimeVRZone


VR games can take you anywhere, and now, they can even carry you into the sky on the back of an eagle. … Yes, true…… Virtual reality are inexpensive, handheld devices that offer three-dimensional views and the feeling of being in a different place. The viewers’ lenses work by extending the depth of static images or animation but do not allow you to interact with your environment.


Do you want to drive an F1 car on a grand prix? Or perhaps you want to go for a horse ride? Or you want to go for a roller coaster ride ?
FUNTIME VR ZONE is any boy’s dream destination.
Take your flying ride or fight to cut fruits and vegetables . The possibilities are endless.
Come to FUNTIME VR Zone to check all the games.

Games available here to experience and have fun are :

1) Virtual Reality horse:

Its time to ride an animatronic horse while wearing a VR headset is really amazing kids will love it … Check here how it works…

2) Virtual Reality cycle:

Each and everyone loves cycling and its really feels amazing to ride this game


3) Virtual Reality F1 car:


Virtual reality for Formula 1 is really fantastic – driving the car, felt awesome experience which you can check in the video

4) Virtual Reality fight :


It was one of my favourite game Virtual Reality fights….. To get truly close to somebody, you might need to learn to fight them first — and in VR, we haven’t figured out either one.

5) Virtual Reality rollercoaster :


We really had a great fun & felt a real roller coaster ride ……. all of the seats are programmed so each rider has an individual experience.

6) Virtual Reality Flying


I loved seeing this ride when a kid enjoyed flying in the sky…..

These are the games available in FUNTIME VR Zone to make you feel an amazing experience of VR world… These games are not expensive. They charge only 100 rs per game where u can experience each game for 3-4 minutes.. I personally felt that the rates are reasonable … So what you are waiting for get ready to experience the amazing world and have good time with friends and family !!!







Whether you’re looking for a amazing fun time with your friends, FUNTIME VR Zone has got you covered. Staffs here are really helpful to teach us everything very patiently..

Come by to check out our experiences. Dont miss to have unlimited fun !!!!