The Journey Of Being A Stay-At-Home Mom #MOMSSPEAKUP

I love being a woman because I am free to express my emotions. I can try , fail, fall, cry, learn, fight, rise and express whatever and whenever I feel. I  try my best to teach my Son to respect women and teach my daughter to live with dignity. I m a homemaker and a mother. Being a mother you start loving things more purely because it’s the best feeling. I love being whatever I am as every success is a reward and every failure is a lesson. We women can bring change in our lives, in our family life and also contribute to society.

How I decided to be a stay-at-home mom:

I never in a million years thought I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I was raised in a very feminist household where the woman needed to work and contribute to society. My parents actually thought I would be the first woman president. (Sorry, mom, not likely). So it was hard for my family to come to grips with the fact that this was what I wanted to do. But, like always, they supported me. When my husband and I decided I should be a stay at home mom, we agreed that that’s what I would be, a MOM. I am not a stay at home housekeeper.

I love being a stay at home mom:

The moment I came to know that I’ve given birth to a baby girl, it was like a dream come true and my most memorable moment. I always wanted to have a daughter, but it was something that was not in my hand. Everyday I thank God for blessing me with a baby girl who is a 15 year old teen now. I don’t think that there should be any specific reason to love one child, rather it should be an unconditional one. It’s because of my daughter that I am able to re-live my childhood and do all the girly stuff. I love to dress her up with all the beautiful accessories (which I must have missed if it were a baby boy )I love the moment when she comes back from school, steps out of the bus and hugs me. Her smile makes me forget everything be it anger or a sad moment. She loves helping me out in daily chores, though my work increases after that. She loves me unconditionally.. it doesn’t matter whether I am dressed up properly or not, whether I’ve got few grey hairs,  roly-poly, for her I am just her mother, though at times she asks me to dress up the way she wants. It’s because of her that I’ve changed myself, to following a healthy diet, going for walks & much more. It’s still a learning phase with her.Truly blessed to have a baby girl & just want people to stop female foeticide. Let a girl be born in every home,  and you’ll feel the difference that a girl brings in a family.

How I started working from home :

I wanted to make working from home real for myself more than I wanted anything else in the world . I had no idea where to start, what steps to take, how to make it happen. Then a little voice inside my head said  “You love to write – there has to be a way you can write”! So I starting blogging. I was not a expert so I did a lot of research. I realized that if you want to  make money at something, you need to LEARN to do it RIGHT!! 
I quit watching TV, quit surfing Facebook, quit shopping and cooking and showering and sleeping, as I learnt the ropes. One year later, I was earning a full time income from blogging. I am now enjoy earning for my baby and working for myself and home. My husband is very supportive and encourages me whenever I feel down. He is the backbone of my life 💕❤️

Womanhood is all about being a women.The journey from being a daughter , sister to a wife and mother is truly a blessed one. I have been moulding myself into a super woman by undergoing diff stages from a dutiful daughter, friendly sister, loving wife, caring mother and many more roles to go ahead in life. I thank everyone who helped me to become a super woman, a wonder woman! Womanhood is all about handling what ever comes in life. It is proven that women bear all kinds of stress better. We are like charcoal converting into diamond!! Enjoy every part of your journey of life!!

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Baigan ki sabji /Baingan ki sabzi / Baigan ki recipe /Brinjal Curry Sabji Recipe / Eggplant fry / Rajasthani style.

Brinjal sabzi provides all the nutrients required for your children and for elders in your family like your parents or in-laws staying with you. Actually brinjal is not only tasty but it has got tremendous health benefits and it can be made in various forms. Brinjal sabzi  is widely made in Indian homes and definitely a delicious side dish recipe which goes really well with chapatis, roti & parathas. Its very quick and easy recipe and tastes just super delicious. If you are a brinjal lover, definitely you will love  this recipe, so here it is…

Ingredients :

8-10 Baby Eggplants

1 tsp mustard seeds

1 tsp  cumin seeds

2 -3 tbsp tamarind extract

1 tsp Red Chilli powder

1/2 tsp Coriander powder

1 tsp Cumin powder 

A pinch Asafoetida

 1 tsp garlic

few curry leaves

Salt to taste

2 tsp Oil


  1. Using a knife, chop off the head and discard the head…Wash and cut the brinjal into cubes. Soak them in a bowl of water to avoid discoloration.
  2. Soak the tamarind in 2 tbsp of water for 10 minutes and extract the pulp. Take a large kadai heat 2 tbsp oil and splutter 1 tsp mustard, 1 tsp cumin seeds, a pinch of  Asafoetida and few curry leaves.
  3. Add garlic and stir well 
  4. Now add the spices, turmeric powder, chilli powder, ginger paste, garlic paste and salt.
  5. Saute for 1 minute and add tamarind water.
  6. Cook until the masala is cooked well and until oil starts releasing.
  7. Add the cut brinjal pieces into the cooked masala, mix well and cook for few minutes.
  8. Add about 1 small cup water and give a mix.
  9. Close the pan and cook till the brinjals are cooked and releases oil.
  10. Make sure that the brinjals do not get burnt or stick to the bottom of the pan.
  11. Switch of the flame and transfer into a serving dish.
  12. Serve hot baigan ki sabji recipe with rice or roti or parathas.


  1. Buy fresh brinjals and put the cut brinjals in salt water or sprinkle salt all over the baingan pieces inorder to avoid the bitter taste after cooking.
  2. Also do not compromise with oil, as baigan cooks with oil itself.
  3. I have used  tamarind extract I don’t like  to use tomatoes..

Lets Do “Jugalbhandhi” With Food – A new Chennai Restaurant ❤️

In the heart of Chennai city, on Khadar Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam A must-try restaurant has been opened, named ‘Jugalbhandhi’
I heard about this newly opened restaurant and had an urge to try it as me being a foodie, I love exploring new food. The food is delicious and surprisingly Jain food is also lip smacking.
Jugalbhandhi décor and ambience:

The ambience and interiors are just jaw dropping!!! The corridor leading towards the restaurant is decorated with an awesome colour combination and wall designs are just wow. Loved the whole time there. The walls are decorated with golden peacock feathers which leads to the door of the restaurant. The interiors of Jugalbandi are just wonderful – dimly lit and romantic, the lobby area has an attractive laughing buddha statue which gives a positive touch to the restaurant 🙂

The seating is comfortable with green colour sofas and with brown dinning tables. I must say, the restaurant offers one of the finest dining experiences in the city.

Jugalbhandhi-ordering lunch:

We go ahead and choose a place to sit and are ready to order lunch. The menu card is in royal green color printed with golden font describing the whole menu with the price list. To be honest, reading the menu itself was far more appealing as we went through, their mouth watering list of soups, starters and main course.Exploring the menu, a mixed Jain and non Jain north Indian dishes ,Italian, Chinese trespassing all the food items. We squabble for a minute and finally settle for the Manchow soup, Cream of mushroom ,Crispy lotus stem, Spring roll, Paneer Shola ,Paneer tikka for our starters with masala papads. Out of all I loved Crispy lotus stem so much.. Its really delicious.
Its really a fabulous place to dine at. Extremely neat , and a good place for eating North Indian, Italian, Chinese food which comes with a great hospitality & staff.

The service was quite good and the staff is helpful as they run you through the menu patiently. Some of their must have dishes are , Paneer tikka masala, Cheese garlic naan, Laccha paratha, Veg dum biryani and Carrot halwa. It was evident that every dish’s ingredients are carefully sourced and selected to make sure the dish nears authenticity as much as possible. Also their mock tails were amazing.
You can end your meal with a Hot Brownie served with Ice Cream which of course was quite tasty.
Not only does their food taste delicious, their food presentation is artistic and impeccable.

Everything was good including the taste, quantity, quality & ambience. Good for families and groups.

Meal for two: Rs. 1,200

I will definitely recommend this place to my friends and family.
Its really a super cool place.
You will love clicking a hell lot of pictures.

Please do visit and get some fluffy and munchy love

These are my  ratings for Jugalbhandhi:

Food – 4/5
Quantity – 4.5/5
Ambience – 5/5
Courtesy – 4/5
Service & waiting time – 4.5/5
Value for money – 5/5

Overall I would rate them 4.5 /5

Jugalbhandhi restaurant is located at
20B, Khadar Nawaz Khan Road, 2nd Floor, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Phone number : 9003048452

Heart to Heart Time with My Lifeline❤️ #VdayBlogTrain

Have you picked up the laundry ??

Do you need me to pick up the children after school??

We are out of vegetables, can you pick some on the way home from work??

Does this sound very familiar– this style of conversation is common between us aimed at getting things done??

It is good as it gets, still I believe our communication has so much potential to go beyond administration and get to the heart of my spouse in this busy life....

My husband, Gajju and I, are married for more than 15 years now, we are best friends till date. Despite this, we have to intentionally keep our relationship and marriage on the front burner of life. as partners we commit ourselves to work and grow together by investing in our relationship for the betterment as we both enjoy the spark of love, compassion and intimacy… Some days my husband and I take the pleasure to just lean back on the pillow without really getting connected—besides talking about kids, money, house, and work, We’ve gotten no deeper than asking how each others days were….

And now we hope to spend time for heart to heart talks with each other where we can share freely, and grow trust and love for one another.. We needed a ‘We time” So my hubby planned an amazing fantasy date this valentines day.. I was so excited as I needed a break from my daily routine. as we share the same goal in giving time to each other and it is important to both of us. But I confess, it’s not always an easy thing to do. And this isn’t just our isolated problem. It’s common in most marriages—regardless of age.
These days life is so busy and we hardly have time to stop and say I LOVE YOU to each other…but Gajju made sure we kept our love alive each year by planning a dinner, just the two of us….laughing and giggling, about the things we did the whole year 🙂

We start from home, leaving kids with my mother ..We chilled at IBIS Chennai located in OMR … though its far from my place, we thoroughly enjoyed the long drive chit chatting like nothing else mattered now. we twinned with the gifts I bought for us this valentine’s day, two lovely red tops, #couplegoals *giggles*. It was painted red everywhere and the restaurant had a lovely theme for valentine’s day. They had decorated with red roses, heart balloons and most dishes were heart shaped. the environment was flooded and we were totally in love with it. Genuinely I had enjoyed the fantasy date arranged by my hubby, I just love him to the moon and back ❤

This date was an absolute hit with us. By the time I was thinking it was a great way to wind up the yummy date night, there was a huge surprise waiting for me. My hubby gave me a big surprise and proposed me saying Dear GHUN u r my only Love ,you are a shining star though the world doesn’t know your name. You have no fancy title like Baroness or Dame. Ghun, you really are a star, my LOVE mentor and friend. A Nobel Prize for lovehood is what I’d recommend. And if I won the lottery I’d share my win with you I’d take you on a spending spree each day the whole year through! You may not be famous, as your face is known to few. But Dearest love I think you are wonderful and I’m so proud of you, we mostly recited at the time of sorows “METHE SAPNE SAARE APNE” and that covers all, nothing is left…

Hearing this I was on cloud nine, still unable to express those feelings in words. Completely stunned and filled with tears …..
He adds colour, meaning and spice to my life. I’m truly blessed to be your wife. Love you from the bottom of my heart. Who says u can never fall in love again???? U SURELY FALL IN LOVE WITH THE SAME PERSON AGAIN AND AGAIN , just don’t forget to see all those little things they do for you with so much love…..u would be smitten by the LOVE Bug..

So this valentines day I was able to go on a so much needed surprise date with my hubby. The kids are always with us, and although they would have really enjoyed the food we had, it was special to go out and have the much needed “we time”.

This date night definitely got some “Fantasy Fun” and made some new everlasting memories together

So, love birds, do not miss a single chance to enjoy the happiness and charm reverberating from LOVE!

Stay happy! Stay in love!

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Written for the Prompt: Fantasy date!

Experience at US Cranberry workshop

Hello everyone…… I was so much excited when I got invited for a chocolate Cranberry session at Cocoashala for the demonstration of creative dishes using Cranberry in collaboration with US Cranberry Marketing Council.. I heard about Cranberry from grandma that eating raw have lot of benefits.. They are rich with antioxidants and high in fibre and have serious health benefits including promoting digestion and helping control blood sugar..

But making these yummy dishes using Cranberry is really awesome…. Dishes made were Vegan Genache, Vegan Mousse, Cranberry Thokku, Cranberry Payasam.. Yes you heard it right guys yummy Payasam with chocolate and Cranberry and my favourite Cranberry Salsa. Also tasted yummy fresh Cranberries and juice… The workshop is conducted by L. Nitin Chordia, India’s, who we are told is India’s only certified chocolate taster, along with his wife Poonam Chordia, who is also a trained chocolatier. It was really a amazing session enjoyed with everyone..

Cranberry is a versatile ingredient which can be used successfully to improve the character and enhance flavours in a dish..Apart from learning how to make delicious dishes from. Cranberry and appreciate fine chocolates the right way, we were also tasted various flavour notes like coconut, rose gold, iris cream had bitterness, acidity and mouth feel and understand there is so much to discover in fine chocolates..

Cranberry Payasam is my favorite above all dishes… Its healthy and delicious…

Ingredients used for Cranberry Payasam

100 gms white chocolate

75 gms Cranberry juice

50 gms water

25 gms coconut milk

5 gms chia seeds

25 grams Semiya

Method to make Cranberry Payasam:

First we have to melt white chocolate on a double boiler.

Then add all ingredients one by one and place it on the induction /gas directly.

Stir continuously till desired consistency is achieved.

Now top with Pistachio or Silver leaves.

Yummy delicious Cranberry Payasam is ready to serve.

If you wanna learn more about chocolates you can reach them here

Cocoashala / Cocoatrait
20 Besant Road,
Chennai 600014
Near Sivaji Productions
Google maps Link:
Ph: 9600064846

Hope you enjoyed the journey of Cranberry…. Do try and ask me any doubts if you have friends!!!

Worlds Best & Smallest Phone!!

Hey friends recently I wanted to gift a small mobile to mom as she was not comfortable with big android mobiles, then one of my friend suggested me this “LBSTAR World’s smallest Dual-Sim Nano Phone with Voice Changer, Alarm, Bluetooth etc. I searched in online which was selling the mobile Rs. 2999/- Then got to find Shree Sai Mobiles of Taramani selling this small mobile at only Rs. 1499/- They were also supplying  it in wholesale throughout Chennai. I got and gifted my mom.. She is very happy as its very tiny with extra ordinary features… It’s so tiny that you can wear it as a headset, yet it’s an entire phone with sim card slot! It also has a built in voice

This nano mobile is the best and smallest phone in the world. Bluetooth and 3G enabled compact Phone. With small size it also has low radiation parameter saves your from harmless radiations.
Compact Polymer Battery provides a long lasting battery backup without adding any bulk. With compact size it has a feather like weight. Provided with Bluetooth Dialer. Support Dual Sim and Dual Standby Mode. It is so compact that a regular cigarette lighter is bigger than it. After connecting with your phone, you can synchronous operations to play music, make a call or answer the phone. With inbuilt voice changer makes the talking experience much more interesting.”

This mobile is very  stylish, ultra-compact, anti-smart mobile phone” that’s meant for smartphone users who “wish to maintain an active lifestyle having the opportunity to completely disconnect, while staying reachable and retaining other features, when required.. voice recording, and phone recording functions. Apart from GSM connectivity for phone calls, it comes with a 3.5mmhead phone jack, and a Micro-USB port..

About the features of smallest phone in the world!!

Availability :

It’s available in Red, Orange, Blue and Grey
Price :
RS. 1499/-
Battery :

350mAh battery 
(lastup to 4 days of standby time)

Expandable battery:

8 GB expandable

Sim :

Dual-SIM (Micro-SIM)

Other special features of nano phone :

It’s so compact that a regular cigarette lighter is bigger than it.

It’s very Low radiation nano phone.

Large Capacity Polymer Battery

Features a MP3 player, FM radio, voice recording, and phone recording functions.

Supports Dual Sim and Dual Standby

Supports GSM connectivity for phone calls.

Supports Magic Voice function, that let’s users prank call their friends.

With compact size it has a feather like weight.

Bluetooth connectivity of the handset allows it to connect with Android & iOS devices and lets it accept and make calls from connected smartphones.

So friends…

If you want to enjoy and experience the world’s smallest mobile at less price… You can reach them here…

*Shree Sai Mobiles*

No. 16 kattabomman street 100 feet road Tharamani Chennai- 113
Contact no 9566001129

Lunch Experience at Novotel Sipcot Chennai

Hi friends, happy to share my first winning of this year by the facebook page Novotel Sipcot Chennai. I have been invited for the family lunch at The Square, Novotel Sipcot Chennai, its an all day dining restaurant with a global buffet and live cooking stations mixing cuisine and innovation. Guess what we also met a celebrity VIJAY ANTONY who is really down to earth agreed to take pic with him.. The hotel has a nice ambience and looks rich in decor. The food is delicious and the portions generous. The service was excellent.. Special mention to the young and energetic staff, who are cheerful , enthusiastic and friendly…

Here I am going to share my experience at Novotel Sipcot Chennai ..We reached the venue by 12.15 , the marketing manager , welcomed us. I found environment was nice and special thanks goes to her who served us juice. There was a kids corner at the basement were kids allowed to paint pot and tatoos were fine by artist
Then we went to the restaurant its a full package,
Almost occupying every corner of Novotel’s first floor, The Square is the sole restaurant in the hotel.. It is bright and easygoing with live music on some evenings. While the prices are reasonable, the food is yet to find its feet – the buffet spread seems a bit disjointed at the moment, some interesting offerings are marred by glaring omissions. The á la carte menu might be a better bet with the nice amazing dishes..
There were full of greenary decorated with green leaves and vegetables

From the moment I checked in, I felt welcome. The front desk representative was polite, friendly and welcoming..
They have a huge spread with four starters and three maincourse and five varieties of desserts. They are best in ambience and serving. We choose buffet, the food was good but the variety of food is very less compared with other buffets in the market. I will go buffet only for starters and pastry but they had only 3 veg starters which was quite disappointing. Please increase the variety of food….Check out the Dosa live counter

Coming to the varieties and taste of the food:

There are many live counters for soup, pizza, dosa ,starters and chats.

I personally felt all their items where damn delicious even though they had little drawback…

Food here needs special mention. We thoroughly enjoyed their lunch spread. It was very huge and they have included all cuisines.

From the welcome drink to the dessert it was a tasty spread and all of us enjoyed the after thoroughly!  Chef Satya took so much care of us serving all types of live counter dishes with a big smile in his face. I couldn’t remember all the names of the dishes as they were many but yes still I remember the delicious taste…. Here are some of the pictures of delicious food we had ….

Pizza with our own choice toppings made my day..

Delicious yummy ice creams with our own choice toppings..

The Square is an all-day restaurant with a global cuisine that serves a wide variety of delectable dishes-both regional and International.

Offering a wide array of quick bites, this is a great spot to put your hunger pangs to rest…

They also started offering fresh cake from their bakery which is really soft and amazing

It offers a variety of preparations on the menu from Continental, Burger, Biryani, Italian, Indian cuisines. It is one of the great restaurants of the area and manages to attract office-goers, which helps increase the place’s appeal…

Average cost:

2500 for two (approx) 

Continental,  Mexican , Italian, European, Chinese  North Indian dishes served here


Novotel Chennai Sipcot,  Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), Novotel Hotel, Sipcot, Siruseri IT Area, OMR, Navallur, Egattur, ChennaiFor reservations, contact: +91 89398 42266/ 044-66444777  


Air Conditioned, WiFi, valet Available, Parking, bar, differently abled friendly 

A definitely complete and satisfying experience. – Great service
– Very good ambience
– Good quality, tasty food
– Wide spread for desserts  Excellent – Hospitality 
Awesome – Food
Great – Location
Value for money. Fabulous service, staff were extremely warm and helpful.  We really enjoyed the family brunch and made our Sunday memorable,,
The food was absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing.

Overall  I would rate them 4/5.

Hope you liked my review about The Square Novotel Sipcot Chennai……..

Sugarlite – Sugar with 50% less calories!!!

Yes you heard it right guys Sugarlite is sugar with 50% less calories and it’s a natural blend of sugar and stevia gives you 100% mithaas and 50% less calories! So it’s time to Switch to Sugarlite as it’s your gateway to a healthy lifestyle…

I’m a fitness freak and use to drink lemon juice daily with honey but I hate honey so I stopped drinking it and my weight got put on.. So was searching a option for honey and sugar.. Then I come to know about Sugarlite….We only need to use half of Regular Sugar’s Qty… We get the Exact Taste and Sweetness of Sugar.. With 50% Less Calories….

This year I pledge to start a healthier lifestyle and work as hard as I can…….

From past fifteen days I started drinking lemon juice with Luke warm water and one spoon of sugarlite, it works well make me feel light and also reduce 2-3kg… I’m soo happy using sugarlite with Natural and healthy sugar , personally I like this product and having same teste like sugar . Try it once… All my family members liked… I have recommended to my relatives and friends as well…

Will recommend this product to everyone who is looking a healthy sugar.

Usage direction :1spoon of A sugarlite is equal to 2 spoons of normal sugar in sweetness

Style bazaar exhibition & sale – Chennai

Festive seasons going on so was so much excited to shop. Recently visited Style Bazaar Exhibitions .. It was really amazing to see unique collections all over.. I enjoyed shopping as well spent gud time.. Chennai got to see the amazing best festive collection of the Season brought by Style Bazaar Exhibitions!! Featuring designers from Kolkatta, Mumbai, Jaipur , Delhi in Designer Wear, Sarees, Accessories, Clutches, Bags, Footwear, Home Decor and much more!!

Sheetal Jain is the organiser of Style Bazaar Exhibitions which is held at Hyatt Regency Annasalai on 23rd and 24th October. She is the one in pink saree👇👇👇

Here are some of my favourite shops at Style bazaar Exhibition, Chennai.

Attrangi :

It’s has a versatile, trendy and a fashion designer jewellery brand specializing in differentiated offerings for daily wear.. They offer a wide range of jewellery – offering a very personalized experienced to ensure there is something for everyone….

The purple dreamcatcher :

Shivani has a amazing collection of Diyas and beautiful home decor accessories -perfect for the festive season!… Its really good to know that their Every sale contributes towards educating an underprivileged girl child ! It’s a perfect place to get your Diwali gifts.

Brats n Cuties

It’s the clothing brand and sells amazing dresses for kids of age ( 1-12). It’s the place were you can witness the most stylish apparel for your munchkins..

Yuti – The Designer House :

Yuti is the collection of ethnic wear complaint with current trend… They customize Bridal Blouses, Lehangas, and others women’s wear & kids wear .. You can Get your Blouses Designed, embroidered and stitched in Just 2DAYS – Only at YUTI.

Alankrit :

Reau Lalwani have an exclusive range of bags which are Stylish, trendy and eco friendly. Fabulous collection.

Heena Lunawat :

Heena Lunawat is a fashion designer and Choreographer displayed her unique collections of dresses. I fall in love with her dress…. .


It’s a perfect place to Discover new fashion & style, special food products with uniqueness and affordability.. We can get a amazing collections of Bedsheets, Trays, Tanjore, Rakhi, Ganeshji, Laxmiji, Diyas, Bandanwars and much more.

Also met Dharani with her hand twisted gunguro was really amazing and eye catchy..

Many more brands like Ub trendz, designer wear by Gina Sanjay Gadhvi, Deepa Thakur were present at the style bazaar exhibition. This festive season enjoy shopping everywhere…. Soon will catch you with other exhibitions

Dont be left out , be there to
*Shop Style & Be Stylish*